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Demystifying Computational Thinking Course

What experts say about Computational Thinking

"Computational Thinking is a fundamental skill, something every human being must know to function in modern society. Computational thinking is a way humans solve problems; it is not trying to get humans to think like computers."

Scott Turner, Associate Professor at University of Northampton, 5th June 2015

"Computational Thinking is a way of solving problems, designing systems, and understanding human behaviour."

Susan S. Wells, President Elect, ISTE Mobile Learning Network,

Computational thinking confronts the riddle of machine intelligence; What can humans do better than computers? What can computers do better than humans?
Computational thinking will be a fundamental skill, used by everyone by the middle of the 21st Century. Just like reading, writing and arithmetic.

Jeanette Wing, Professor, Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon,

If computational thinking is this fundamental to our studentsā€™ futures, how do we teach it and help students to learn it? In this course, you will explore these questions in a range of practical ways.

Lesson 1 Why Digital Technologies?
In this lesson, we will explore innovation with digital technologies and some themes in curriculum development.
Lesson 2 What is Computational Thinking?
In lesson two, we will dive deeper into computational thinking and some of the complex terminology in the digital technologies curriculum.
Lesson 3 Focussing On Computational Thinking
In lesson three, we explore the first of two main approaches to teaching computational thinking: focus on computational thinking.
Lesson 4 Integrating Computational Thinking
In lesson four we explore the second of two main approaches to teaching computational thinking: Integration of computational thinking.
Lesson 5 Organising Computational Thinking
In this lesson five, we will explore other connections that will support you to support your learners to ā€˜think like a computer scientistā€™.
Lesson 6 Assessing Computational Thinking
In lesson six, youā€™ll find a brief introduction to ā€˜assessment for learningā€™ and support materials to help you assess computational thinking.

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